Tips To Finding Your New Home In Penang

Tips to finding your new home in Penang

Finding a new home in Penang can be a little daunting, and it is easy to get confused with all the choices available especially when Penang properties are booming now. Besides considering the location, you need to consider many other factors to find an ideal home. Look at these tips to help make the process less challenging for you.

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1. Define your preference

Your needs should determine the kind of home to look for. You may consult your partner or kids and find out their specific requirements. Set the standards of the things that the ideal home should have. If any of those traits is missing, move on to the next house. If security is your main concern, you have a lot to consider. Penang is relatively safe, but you should still be concerned about the level of security. Some areas are safer than others in terms of break-ins are. Since landed properties are generally isolated, they are the easiest targets. You may have to install a private home security system, such as a CCTV camera. Condos, on the other hand, have varying security levels. Some require card access while others have security guards.

2. Set a budget

You might find a nice home with everything that you need, but it would be a waste of time looking at it if you cannot afford it. Knowing your price range will save you time and heartache. You will zero in on the right house by eliminating the higher priced ones. Setting a budget makes economic sense, as it enables you to set aside enough money for other needs once you get a home. Here’s a really comprehensive guide to help you determine your housing affordability.

3. Are you buying or renting?

This question may appear straightforward to you, but it might come in handy when you have little time to waste. It can help you avoid an awkward situation where you find that the ideal home you have been seeking for weeks is only available for rent whereas you are looking to buy or vice versa. You will avoid wasting time, and instead focus on particular kind of homes. Whether you want to buy or rent will determine having to consider specifics such as title deeds if you are buying or reading through a contract outlining the terms and conditions if you are looking for rented property.

Financing a home to buy is one major issue you have to consider. Do you have a mortgage plan, or are you going to take a bank loan if you do not have the money? Getting a mortgage or bank loan may take some time, as the bank may need to evaluate your credit worthiness. Renting property may be less hectic unless the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract are too stringent.

4. Get the market pricing

Before deciding on the home to buy or rent, you need to do some research on the market price of the local real estate. This will help you avoid paying too much and enable you to save for other needs. You will have greater leverage during negotiations. Some of the questions you may ask include the cost of a home that has close proximity to a school or shopping center. How much would an apartment cost compared to a full house? Knowing the market pricing can show you whether the property owner is out to fleece you. Using reliable property portal like PropertyGuru can help you understand the market.

5. Gather the useful resources

It is easier to find a home today than before thanks to various resources to know what is available, the location and the price. The Internet has made it easy to find concrete Penang properties, but you need tools that provide details that are more specific. For that purpose, you may use classified ads, local apps and expert reviews in newspapers and magazines to help you make an informed decision. Property portals are also great for finding a new home. You could save money, energy and time by using portals to narrow down your search. Some provide listings and property estimates, which can help launch your search by giving you ideas on what to seek.

6. Take photos

Your partner or children may not go with you on a house-hunting expedition. However, their opinion might be important when you want to find a new home that will please everyone. You may take pictures of different rooms in numerous houses. While some sellers may provide you with pictures, they might overlook some features or try to present a completely different picture to entice you into buying the home. If you rely on such pictures, you might be disappointed when you discover that what you saw in a picture did not exist.

7. Find out whether you want a landed property or a condominium

Condos are the most common types of residential real estate in Penang. They include super-condos, units, flats and apartments. Landed Penang properties consist of houses, duplexes and townhouses. Most condos have several amenities such as pools, playgrounds, shared gardens and gyms and typically have great views. However, if you want privacy, you should consider landed property. You will be segregated from your neighbors, and you will have a bigger space. You may not have a choice if you have large pets, because most apartment owners do not allow pets.

8. Know Your Neighbors

A home is supposed to be your refuge from all the frustrations at work of streets. Knowing who lives near you, therefore, can help you avoid having a horrible time at home. You would have only yourself to blame if you find that you have neighbors who have no idea of being mindful of others. It might also be useful to know whether your potential neighbors are the kind that likes to mind their own business. This might save you the trouble of being snubbed when you try to make unnecessary contact.

9. Use a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can help minimize the hassle of finding a home. A qualified agent can help find the right property quickly because most agents have the connections and other resources to help them. They will also help you with the paperwork by offering expert advice. Some can even help you acquire financing if you lack the money. Their experience and knowledge of the industry can help you negotiate the best price.

With these tips, finding a new home in Penang should not be frustrating anymore.


  1. PENANG heaven of food but harga rumah boleh tahan kan..

    1. rumah terlalu mahal....kalau murah lokasi tak cantik

  2. Finding a new house? Ah . . . Tengok je . . .

  3. harga rumah di Penang boleh tahan bukan main. Moga-moga ada kemampuan beli properties kat sana..

  4. tgk rumah2 kt penang skrg 'menyeramkan' harga2nya ;-)

    1. tak dinafikan...tapi kalau mampu beli cepat-cepat pelaburan yang baik


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